Hurricane Sandy Relief

Getting You Back In your Home Faster

Modular Homes Can Help Affected Coastal Areas

The coastal communities of Long Island, Staten Island and New Jersey are still recovering from the damage caused by hurricane Sandy. For those who lost everything and need to put their lives back together as fast as possible, a modular home could be the fastest, most economical and safest way to rebuild.


For families that are still dealing with temporary housing due to Sandy damage, a modular home that can be move in ready in as little as 6 weeks is the fastest answer to getting a back a normal life.


Modular homes are built to comply with and exceed building codes for every state and every region. That means that a modular home is built to withstand everything nature can throw at it from west coast earthquakes, to the tornadoes of the south east to the coastal storms and flooding of the east.

In addition to national safety compliance, modular homes are built in controlled environments buy a trained team of professional craftsmen and engineers. That means that every right angle really is 90 degrees, every roof pitch is exact – the guessing and "just making it work" solutions that happen on conventional construction sites is nonexistent making for the strongest home possible.


Our homes are built in a large factory that builds 1000's of modular homes per year. That means that materials are bought in bulk for cheaper prices and that savings will transfer to the customer. That savings can make a modular home as much as 30% cheaper than a conventional site built house.

Hurricane Sandy Relief

In less than six weeks, modular homes can be move-in ready, making them the perfect solution for storm ravaged areas.

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Modular homes are a safe, fast and economical alternative to conventional construction.

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