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Modular Home FAQs

Are modular homes Safe?

Yes, they are safer than most conventionally constructed homes on Long Island. Our modular homes are constructed in a factory setting where EVERY variable is controlled and managed; furthermore, the construction process is overseen by engineers and inspectors on a daily basis. Rainbow homes are also built for the entire country. That means that they must pass the building codes for the nations most extreme weather, not just the seasonal threats of Long Island. Our homes are rated for the tornadoes of the Midwest, the hurricanes of the south and event the earthquakes of California.

How fast can they be built?

The modules themselves can be built in as little as a week and the actual installation can be completed in about a month. That means you could have a brand new home in just 5 weeks! Compare that to the 1-year or more it could take to build a conventional home on Long Island.

How can Rainbow Homes be so affordable?

Bulk and manufacturing. Our homes are built in a factory setting, so it is faster and much more efficient than conventional home building. In addition, because so many homes are built, materials are all purchased in bulk for added savings that is then passed on to you.

Can I customize my modular home?

Yes! You can choose from a myriad of different home styles and choose from many different floor plans, numbers of rooms, and stories. There are so many options that no two homes are ever alike.

Do you offer financing?

Rainbow Homes can assist you with express financing so you can get into your new modular home even faster! Please contact us for more information.

Hurricane Sandy Relief

In less than six weeks, modular homes can be move-in ready, making them the perfect solution for storm ravaged areas.

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Hassle Free Financing

Modular homes are all about speed and we can help you secure fast financing. Contact us today to get started!

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Learn About Modular

Modular homes are a safe, fast and economical alternative to conventional construction.

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