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Over 30 years of experience in the Long Island and Tri-State area

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Progress requires change. The car replaced the horse and buggy, pagers were replaced by the cell phone, and now, the modular home is replacing the conventionally built home. The result of years of engineering, environmental testing, and scientific development, Modular homes are built better; they are completed faster and are more economical than their conventional counterparts.

Rainbow Homes was founded by Long Island's Rich Sangiorgi as an answer to the growing need in Nassau and Suffolk counties for fast, economical, and reliable residential home construction. Rich has over 30 years of Long Island and tri-state area construction and architectural experience. He has overseen thousands of projects and is now focused on bringing Long Island the most cost effective answer to housing that modern technology has to offer– the modular home.

From seasoned engineers to experienced architects, The Rainbow Homes team is made up of Long Island's finest construction personnel. A team that will be there for every step of the construction of your modular home, making sure everything goes as planned, according to specifications, and in compliance with all local building and safety codes.

Hurricane Sandy Relief

In less than six weeks, modular homes can be move-in ready, making them the perfect solution for storm ravaged areas.

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Modular homes are all about speed and we can help you secure fast financing. Contact us today to get started!

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Modular homes are a safe, fast and economical alternative to conventional construction.

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